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Identification and Counting of Marine Phytoplankton

Ecoscope Environmental Pty Ltd offers cutting-edge services for the identification and counting of marine phytoplankton. As a leading environmental consulting firm, we recognize the critical role of these tiny organisms in marine ecosystems and their significance in monitoring water quality and ecosystem health. Our team of expert scientists utilises state-of-the-art microscopy and advanced imaging techniques…
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Ensuring Water Quality: The Critical Importance of Algal Monitoring in Water Supplies

Introduction: Water is an essential natural resource that sustains life, and its quality is of paramount importance for human health and environmental stability. As we encounter ever-changing environmental challenges, the impact of algal blooms on water supplies is gaining increasing attention. Algal monitoring plays a vital role in safeguarding water quality, ensuring the availability of…
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Particle Size Distribution

Water contains a myriad of fine particles which can interfere with its use which then requires filtration to remove. Particle size distribution allows for a count of various size particles in a given water volume normally 1ml. This allows for targeted filtration process to be developed for the required water quality. We can provide particle…
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Water Management Plans

Water Management Plans provide operators with an important framework to enable a safe and efficient water supply. Industrial sites, Council, Agriculture, Resorts, Hospitals and Nursing Homes all require some form of water management. Legionella, potable water, environmental water and sewage effluents all require some level of management. Our plans can be tailored to be site…
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