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Ecoscope Environmental Laboratory.

Ecoscope Environmental Pty Ltd is a leading NATA accredited laboratory in the fields of algae, cyanobacteria and water microbiology. Providing the most efficient and timely services in the market, we ensure your decision makers have the results on time every time. We provide a wide range of water management plans for mining, government and heavy industries. Our environmental and analytical sections ensure client projects run smoothly with logistical support up to including data entry. We can provide a complete service from design of environmental programs to sampling/analysis and reporting allowing your staff time to do other work.

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A Brief History.

Ecoscope Environmental was established in 1997 to provide a local laboratory for the Central Queensland area. Our initial clients were all mining with expansion to government, heavy industry, agriculture and general business all within our first year of operation.  We have been at our current location for 19 years and have ample room for expansion. Many of our clients are still with us from our first year proving our ability to provide quality service.

With over 24 years in business we have built a wealth of knowledge stored in our files, archives and electronic data bases. With our director having over 30 years in this field our knowledge across all industries is extensive. We put this knowledge to use every day for our clients often saving them time and money.

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NATA Accreditation.

We are NATA accredited for ISO17025 in the fields of Phycology and Microbiology. Our scope can be found on the NATA website at the following link.    https://www.nata.com.au/entity_scope/?AccNo=14956&q1=bpg&str=&&AccNo=14956

Australian Water Association.

We have been longterm members of the Australian Water Association holding Silver Corporate Membership. This has been invaluable to forming many business relationships over our 24 year history.


Ecoscope sponsors a wide range of community sports and groups. Our community engagement helps build understanding of the role of Scientists in our local area.


We support both primary and high schools by providing talks and appropriate experiments to encourage our next generation of scientists. We also work with numerous University students and staff.

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Friendly and Efficient Service.

We cater for all industries down to the general public who just want their bore tested.  We still have clients whom have been with us from the very beginning. As a public testing facility we benefit all who want laboratory analysis to solve their problems.

Lab Equipment


Upgrading Facilities.

We are currently redesigning our laboratory to meet future needs. Once completed major renovations will take place to help streamline operations.  We have committed major capital to the renovation and new equipment.