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A member of Phylum Porifera, the name derived from Latin words porus for pore and Ferre to bear, hence an animal with pores. This class of organisms is almost 600 million years old and makes up for more than half of the biomass in the marine reefs. They can be found in almost any aquatic…
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Most of the enterococcus species occupy humans and other animals’ intestinal flora. The genus Enterococcuscombines more than 17 species out of which few cause clinical infections in humans. The treatment of these nosocomial pathogens is often found to be challenging. This diverse group of bacteria includes also species that inhibit habitats outside the living organism.…
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Total Coliforms

Coliforms are diverse group of bacteria which are used as a general indicator of faecal contamination in water sources. Coliforms are the most sensitive but least specific indicator group for faecal contamination because while many are part of the normal flora of the intestinal system of humans and other warm blooded animals, many also occur…
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