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E coli

ESCHERICHIA COLI Habitat:  coli is a normal inhabitant of the large intestine in humans and other warm-blooded animals. This species may have a role in vitamin synthesis in the intestinal tract, particularly in the case of vitamin K. coli is present in large numbers in the faeces due to the ideal warm, moist conditions and…
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The genus Legionella includes 26 species of which L. pneumophilia is most frequently associated with human disease. Legionella spp. are known to infect humans by inhalation. The ingestion of drinking water containing Legionella is considered irrelevant until the bacteria are amplified by multiplying in specific sites under thermal enrichment. Therefore, hot-water systems maintained below 60oC,…
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Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a free-living pathogen commonly found in soil and water. It often multiplies in an enriched aquatic environment. The presence of the bacteria in drinking water may indicate a serious impairment of the water treatment system. Therefore, its presence can be used to evaluate the general cleanliness and quality of water. P. aeruginosa…
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